When Ascertaining How To Write-Reading Is Second To None!

It was, at first, only to hanker after beautiful phrases from the magazines I bought, from old cheap books I snatched up on a garage sale, and those free booklets pass to you while walking down the streets. I had no desire to read in full, completely unaware that this practice of reading and recording of expressions or group of words, would become a relevant factor in pursuing my passion. I can only reflect on it as my reading rehearsal, which is helping me a great deal in writing my articles today.

There are times that you want to remember something, and you just could not get your head around it . This is where you begin realizing the value of reading and journalizing . To quote from Amy Shearn’s article on “Journalizing Ideas…” she said, ” Capturing it in a special notebook or on an index card to tack up by your desk is a good idea not only for the reminder it creates but also for the very act of writing. I do not have to say a word, but I completely agree with her.

I can not forget that moment in my management class, when our professor, Atty. Jose B.Leal uttered this phrase about reading- “when you do not read several hours a day, seven times a week, you will be ten years behind!” Such a beautiful expression of words, hanging on my brain till now. I have since then expanded my routine. I do not only read small leaflets and old books from rummage sales. I have become a voracious reader of books and anything my eyes could set on the World wide Web.

When at first it was only for emulating or echoing of phrases on a suitable time, now it has grown as an effort second to none , for me, and for the aspiring writers as well. Consciously making that effort to put down significant turn of phrases as we read, will help us generate ideas and develop great content for the readers. We should read, journalize and write a lot!

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11. January 2015 by Lourdes Burias
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