Empower Your Dreams or Fuel Your Fears-Your Choice!

When we were kids, we had no hang ups, we believed that anything was possible. In that small brain we had, we believed we could be anything we choose to be. In fact, I still hear myself saying the words so loud and clear, “when I grow up, I would like to be…!” As if everything I wished for myself could come true. I never thought of obstacles. I did not have any idea of the complexities of life. I just have that little brain free of doubts and full of dreams!
That was how we think when we were still kids. This is the kind of mindset we can aspire to have. This is a frame of mind that can give us a prosperous future. We will thrive in the future if we set no limits or boundaries in what we can accomplish, we let go of negative influences, and if we simply would believe in ourselves!

Letting go of the depressing influences such as doubt, distrust and negativity, is unlocking our aspirations trapped by those uncertainties and disbelief. It is like establishing wings to signal those dreams to fly, to get in motion to attain fulfillment. This is how a mindset works. It can either make or recreate our future, depending on how we want to live. We can make a choice; either we want our minds to empower our dreams or fuel our fears.

We can overcome our fears. We can challenge our obstacles. We can unlock our aspirations. We just have to get that courage to live. We only have to liberate our minds from restrictions. Doing that, we can start believing we will gain that freedom to reach that desired destination!

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